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Free Tooth Fairy Letter







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Free Personalised Tooth Fairy Letter


INSTANT & CUSTOMIZED Free Tooth Fairy Letter from our World Class Fairies!

Instantly schedule a tooth fairy visit with our personalized tooth fairy letter! Your child's name will appear on an introduction poem from Erin our Irish Tooth Fairy and he/she can then choose one of our six fantastic tooth fairies to come collect their tooth.
  1. SCHEDULE: Complete the Form => Download => Print => ALL FREE
  2. CHOOSE: Let your child choose one of 6 Fairies (check a box on the print-out)
  3. VISIT: Place the letter next to the bed
  4. MORE MAGIC: Try our next morning Letter or Certificate and prove they visited!
By signing up for the Free Tooth Fairy Letter, you'll receive our non-Spam newsletter (typically 1-2 e-mails per month) with notification of competitions, new items and savings on tooth fairy gifts. Your details will be kept private!

* Childs 1st Name (to be printed):
* Parent's e-Mail:
* Parent's First Name:
* Parent's Last Name:
* Address:
* City:
* Country:
* Post Code:
non-UK Country (e.g. Ireland)

Ultimate Tooth Fairy will not rent, trade or release your information to any third party for any reason ... EVER!
We hope you enjoy your free tooth fairy letter and share the experience with your friends. Thank-you!