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Customer Feedback


"Awesome! I send my deepest thanks for all the efforts applied in this matter. Give them tooth fairies a "High Five" for me! Thanks again, :-) " Evangeline, US Army, Iraq

" I just received the tooth fairy bracelet that I ordered for my daughter and I am thrilled with the entire presentation (bracelet, silver box, pearls and tooth fairy letter). Combined with the "tooth fairy dust" that I also ordered, Wow! You really make this "tooth fairy" look good! And your delivery was so prompt! I'll be sure to pass your website on to my other "tooth fairy" friends!" April, CA

"I received the coin and case today. I love them! I am so happy to be able to start a coin collection for my daughter...Thanks again for the great service and fast shipping. Now, all I need is for those teeth to come out!!! I am excited about playing tooth fairy :)" Cheryl, VA

"You've been a pleasure to work with, and I appreciate your exceptional customer service! It's very apparent that you take a lot of pride in your business and do everything possible to ensure your customers' desires are met and that their experience is a happy one! Thank you so much for all the wonderful Tooth Fairy goodies that enabled us to really give Sophia a spectacular 1st Tooth Fairy experience." Lydia, CA

"I received my pillow that I ordered for my daughter. It is so precious and beautiful. What a treasure for her to have. Thank you so much for providing what will some day be a family heirloom. She can't wait for her first tooth to fall out. She has been trying everything to remove the only loose one she has right now. Thank you." Angela, CA

" We received her tooth fairy pillow. It is so cute and she really loves it!! She can't wait to put her next tooth in it so the tooth fairy can come!! Thanks again." Lauren, MI