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Custom Tooth Fairy Letter

Free Shipping: Letter is Instantly emailed as a pdf

Instant magic only: 3
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What could be more exciting for your child than a personalized tooth fairy letter?

Select your options in the form to the right and a tooth fairy letter will be magically created for you!

You can even enter some personal text (Freestyle Text), relevant to your child, e.g...

  • Refer to how well they're doing brushing their teeth?
  • Refer to how they lost their tooth...
  • comment on what gift the tooth fairy left them, or what they might do with the money?
  • the choice is yours or leave it blank

  • Your Tooth Fairy Letter is intended for morning delivery after the night of the tooth exchange.

    The Free letter is intended for the night before the tooth fairy comes, when your child can select their personal tooth fairy







    Choose a Fairy:

    Childs 1st Name (to be printed):
    Standard Text:

    I wish that you could come with me
    To see my castle beneath the sea
    But I will take your lovely teeth
    And build a magical coral reef.

    My apologies if I left a small puddle
    I rarely have time to dry you see
    As I sometimes get in a muddle
    and my tail flaps around frantically!

    As mentioned, your tooth was so precious
    and by keeping it safe, I swapped for a gift
    Left under your head, or a pillow or knee?
    Muddled I get out of water
    Human words, I do struggle, but some I know well
    Sweet dreams, my dear friend and good luck!

    From the cool waters of the Ganges
    Where I watch the swallows dip and drink
    A message I received via the Aethernet
    That I should visit you room in a blink!
    I hear distances is an issue for you humans
    But with ethereal travel I can be anywhere
    all I need is a good reason...
    For a tooth I can be there for sure,
    Any night, in any land, of any season.
    Yours was a treasure, I must say
    With it I hope to make great tooth magic
    I can help humans create electricity
    as to waste the suns rays would be tragic.
    I wish you good luck, my new friend
    til we meet again and more teeth come my way.
    Wow, what a beautiful tooth you left me!
    However the exchange was a little tricky...
    You see, as I approached your pillow
    your breath caught me in a whirl
    and sent me back to my weeping willow.
    Not to be put off,
    I hopped back in the Aethernet
    destined for your bedroom warm
    to avoid, this time, your snoring storm.
    So now you wake and see my letter
    This fairy's life could not be better!
    From the heat of the plain
    I traveled this day, to a room
    deep in shadow and warmth I do claim.
    How this works, I can not say
    but magic is how I arrived today.
    With ethereal travel I can be anywhere
    from Timbuktu to Paris or even Bel Air!
    Music's my calling, when not tooth collectin'
    my audience are varied, but none are too scary,
    except Mr Spider who's just a bit hairy!
    Awake you were nearly, but my song did it's job
    and as I was leaving you snored like a dog.
    Sweet dreams I wish you, until another day
    when we meet again and more teeth come my way.
    Dude, your tooth was most magical
    it had it a glow, which was kinda sweet..
    so much so, that I can't see it beat.
    When surfing I've caught some wicked air
    which to be true, was pretty intense,
    but your pearly gift, sure made me stare!
    Busted I thought, as I'd lingered too long
    When you'd opened your eyes
    and I thought, "this is wrong"
    So dude, I'm afraid it's true
    some magical dust I sprinkled on you...
    As everyone knows, when the need is dire
    forget you will and tire,
    with a sprinkle or two of my magic dust!
    My laptop was buzzin, my iPod a hummin,
    when i heard some fantastic news..
    That you'd chose me to be,
    your Tooth Fairy, "wow me?"
    My methods are not typical
    for retrieving a tooth from a pillow
    as I like to use all my tech gadgets
    which I keep at the base of my willow...
    Locating your tooth with a telescope
    then with my favorite skipping rope
    neither did work, but I didn't give up
    with many more fun things to try
    Like a looking glass I borrowed from a spy
    I needn't have worried
    My tech gizmos I could have buried
    You were very smart you see
    in that pillow you had for me
    The most precious of fairy gifts
    That bright shiny piece of enamel
    was your tooth just as big as a camels!

    Freestyle Text:    0 Characters (max=100)

    Everything's better under the sea!
    Happy to be helpful xox
    Love and Luck
    Happy to be your tooth fairy!
    Sweetest songstress on the Savannah.
    The most bodacious fairy around!
    Your Hi-Tech Tooth Fairy!

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