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Custom Tooth Fairy Certificate

Free Shipping: Certificate is Instantly emailed as a pdf

Instant Certificates: 3
Instant Combo: 4

What an excellent way to encourage your child to care for their teeth and keep a magical record!

You can even enter a small amount of personal text (Freestyle Text), relevant to your child, e.g...

  • Refer to how well they're doing brushing their teeth?
  • Refer to how they lost their tooth...
  • comment on what gift the tooth fairy left them, or what they might do with the money?
  • the choice is yours or leave it blank

  • Your Tooth Fairy Certificate is intended for morning delivery after the night of the tooth exchange.

    The Free letter is intended for the night before the tooth fairy comes, when your child can select their personal tooth fairy






    Choose a Fairy:
    Date Lost

    Childs Full Name (to be printed):

    Boy Girl
    Standard Text:

    Your tooth so shiny as a shark's, a treasure for my cave so dark!
    I will treasure your tooth always. Thank-you!
    Tooth as bright and shiny as the morning Dew!
    Your tooth is as strong as a lion's! Keep on brushing.
    Tooth as shiny as my board!
    I hope you didn't hear me singing along to my iPod?

    Freestyle Text:    0 Characters (max=80)